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Sending Your Cousin A College Care Package


Going to college is one of the most exciting times in a person’s life. However, once they have been there for a while, they will probably run out of their necessary supplies they need and some do without. A great way to help a cousin, who is at college, is to send them a care package. Not only does this little package show that you care, but it also gives them the things they are in need of. Most college students don’t have a great deal of extra time or money, so helping them out a bit will be greatly appreciated. The real question is what should be put in the care package?


School Supplies


The perfect gift for the cousin who is trying to further their education is school supplies. A student can never have enough paper, pens, white out and other supplies. This will keep them on track and help them to avoid spending money on things that they must have. Money is usually tight, unless your dear cousin comes from a rich family, and they will appreciate any little gift that you might send along. If you have some extra money, throw in some pens or folders with their Alma matter on them. School pride is something that most college kids have, and they will love the extra thought that you put into their gift.




The way to anyone’s heart is through their stomach, college kids are no exception. Students tell all kinds of horror stories about being low on money and eating whatever they could find. Every heard of making grilled cheese with the iron? It’s a whole new world at campus, and a student realizes quickly how expensive things are. If dear old cousin has a cash shortage at times, they will appreciate any little snacks that you send. Send things that are non-perishable. Students love chips, candy, cookies, pop-corn, granola bars, instant or cups of soup and other quick meals. Don’t try to go all healthy and send fruit or something that might get damaged in transit. If your cousin is super picky about what she eats, then you may want to send a gift card to a local grocery store. This way they can pick out what they want and need.


A Letter


Most care packages are supposed to show how much you care. Put a card or a letter inside. They will probably enjoy this part more than anything else inside the box. It shows them that you took time out of your busy schedule to see how they were doing, and better yet send them some gifts. Give them something to laugh about in the letter; most kids love a good joke. School is such a stressful time that being lighthearted may just be what they need for that day. Keep them up on family events and make sure they know whose getting married, having a baby or moving away.


It's The Thought That Counts


No matter what you choose to send, your cousin will love it. It is always the thought that counts. If the box is a surprise, it will be even more special to them. Chances are they will use the supplies, eat the food and display the card on their desk for all to see. Being a cousin is a great thing, especially when your sending gifts. You don't have to break the bank to get the point across that you care. Even if you just sent a card and a gift card once in a while, they will appreciate it. Schooling is so expensive these days, and every little bit extra they get surely helps.